Leif's Story

Fixing the things people hate about insurance

Meet Leif Harbidge

Leif is a lifelong extreme sports person and outdoor enthusiast who’s worked as a professional hunting guide and wilderness outfitter for several horse camps. A few years back he was working as a horse trainer & farrier in what seemed a day like any other; and while he was trimming a horse and wasn’t paying enough attention, the horse reared on him and tore the ligaments in his lower back.

This accident put him out of business for over a year and it comes without saying that it was one of the worst experiences in his career. During this period, he stood baffled as he watched his finances shrinking month-by-month paired with the constant burden of figuring out ways to generate income again.

Fast forward to today, with a brilliant idea in mind and an in-depth knowledge of real-world situations; he now works one-on-one with an exceptional insurance company that explores the full potential of having complete coverage during tough times, which is something he would’ve needed himself at the time.

Brick wall

Insurance Policies Had A Problem

While in the process of recovering his lower back, Leif Harbidge waited for well over a month just to get confirmation of his coverage and realized insurance policies had way too many red flags on them.

He realized how incredibly slowly and inefficiently they were operating. With hours-long waiting times just to get in touch, difficult policies to comprehend, and deductibles and hidden fees shooting through the roof.

Plus he found himself in a situation where the problem was no-longer medical costs, but the living expenses as a result of not being able to generate an income anymore.

The solution

An Affordable And Transparent Solution Was Required

Traditional insurance policies can’t be made affordable by definition: legal fees, loss adjusters, several teams in different departments, and uncertainty expenses are just a fraction of the costs they incur. Leif Harbidge understood this very well and realized that creating an affordable solution without sacrificing any of the benefits was possible, so removed all the fluff and boiled everything down to the main elements.

Just like that Total Coverage By Leif was born and is now offering peace of mind for Canadians with extreme activities. The way we live as extreme outdoors people is different. One insurance policy no longer fits us all and traditional insurance can’t keep up with our extreme ambitions.

The Next Step To Protect Your Future Starts Here

We know Insurance! Let us determine together whether you need extra coverage or not.

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